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Competitive, professional, friendly, experienced, Net Connections is a full service Internet company dedicated to helping you build your presence online. Whether it's a simple Web page, we'll custom tailor an approach to meet your needs and budget. Call us today to learn more about our many services and reasonable and affordable pricing.

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Becoming a Net Connections Affiliate is Easy and Profitable. The Net Connections affiliate program is designed to maximize your earning potential with generous upfront earnings as well as recurring revenue as long as your referrals are clients of Net Connections.  We look for partners that have influence with followers over time to re-enforce their decision to remain a Net Connections client for years to come. Earnings start at $199 +10% of our ongoing monthly revenue. That is $417 per year per referral for our entry level $199 service.


Real Time Reporting
Net Connections affiliates get real time reporting of sign ups, you will be able to see pending and payable commissions in real time.


Products that Convert
Our product is easy to understand and solves a basic problem, eliminating large upfront web development expenses for small business.


Custom Creative and Links
We offer quality custom creative for your use in promoting Net Connections services.  Feel free to drop us a note on other creative you may like, we may do custom work for specific affiliates.


How much can I make?


You earn 1 times the monthly fee, + 10% recurring commission for the life of the customer. One client on our $199 service will net you $417 in year one, in year 2 that client will net you $218. 10 referrals a year would generate $4,170 in year one commissions.


How often can I get paid?




When are commissions validated & payable?


30 days after client payment is received.


What methods of marketing can affiliates use to promote Net Connections?


Direct Marketing both Offline and Online, Email via newsletters, Blog Posting with anchor text link backs, banner ads on websites & blogs, referrals or door to door if that is your style.


Websites approved for use in the Net Connections Affiliate Program


Many blogs and websites qualify to participate in the Net Connections Affiliate Program. We do reserve the right to refuse and revoke membership at any time if we determine that your website contains offensive material. Your site must also be fully functional with original content. We do not approve and reserve the right to remove sites that use spam or scraper sites. If your site is still in its development stage, please apply once it’s completed.


Promoting Net Connections without a website


Although promotion through websites is the most popular way our Affiliates promote Net Connections, we recognize that different markets have different needs. If you do not include a website to review, please make sure to include details regarding how you plan to market Net Connections in the Description section on the Affiliate Program application.


Using Net Connections’s name in a domain name


Any affiliate who intends to market the Net Connections name, including but not limited to Net Connections in a top-level domain (eg. www.Net Connections-website-design.com) must obtain written consent from Net Connections LLC prior to execution. Each marketing plan is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Discount and deal websites


We are not offering public discount codes at this time. Should you operate a coupon or deal-type website, please be clear in the description section of the Affiliate Program application as to how you intend to promote Net Connections.


Using the Net Connections name in URLs, ads or promotions


While we encourage you to use our brand in your promotions on your site, prior consent is required by for use of the term Net Connections in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social networking site URLs.


Violation of Affiliate Program


If you have a concern that you may be violating any of our guidelines, please contact us. We always try to find a way to work through this. Affiliates found to be in violation of the Affiliate Program Guidelines will forfeit commissions relating to either the specific transaction in violation or all commissions assigned. Excessive violations will result in termination of the violating party’s Affiliate account. We’d really prefer not to go there, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions whatsoever. We are looking for long term partnerships.