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Presidential Pedestal Flag Medal Display

Introducing our Presidential Pedestal Flag Medal Display, a distinguished showcase designed to honor the achievements and contributions of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service and leadership. This meticulously crafted display unit seamlessly combines elegance and functionality to present flags and medals with the dignity they deserve.

The Presidential Pedestal Flag & Medal Display Case is beautiful in a Walnut or Cherry finish and is crafted in the USA. The features an embossed Great Seal of the United States on the beveled glass front. The hinged lid contains a hidden magnetic closure that will keep your flag dust-free. This comes with your choice to include/not include the Medal Display. Three lines of engraving on the nameplate are recommended, however, the nameplate can accommodate a maximum of four lines of engraving.

The base measures 27 1/2" x 3" x 5 7/8". OD: 26" x 6" x 4.5"

Weight (w/box): 7 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Presidential Elegance: The design of the pedestal exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication, inspired by the regality associated with presidential honors. Its polished appearance adds a touch of prestige to any environment, making it an ideal centerpiece for offices, homes, or public spaces.
  • Dual Display: This unique display unit features two prominent sections. The top section is dedicated to showcasing a standard-sized national flag, symbolizing the honor and pride associated with national service. The lower section is designed to elegantly present medals or insignia, creating a comprehensive and visually striking tribute.
  • Customizable Medal Layout: The lower section includes a customizable layout, allowing you to arrange medals or insignia in a way that best highlights their significance. The design ensures that each item is visible and well-presented, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the display.
  • Secure Mounting: The display is equipped with a secure mounting system, ensuring stability and preventing accidental falls. This feature provides peace of mind when exhibiting cherished flags and medals, assuring their safety and preservation.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Presidential Pedestal Flag Medal Display is built to withstand the test of time. The durable construction guarantees that your display will maintain its luster and integrity, preserving the essence of the achievements it represents.
  • Versatile Placement: Whether placed in an office, a memorial space, or a home, the display seamlessly blends into various settings. Its versatility allows it to adapt to different environments while maintaining its distinguished presence.
  • Engravable Plaque: Personalize your display with an engravable plaque. Add names, dates, or special messages to create a bespoke touch that commemorates the individual's achievements and contributions.

Made in USA Photo

Flag photo of states Orders for the Presidential Pedestal Flag Medal Display are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

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