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Pre-Folded American Flags, Folded American Flag

Introducing our Pre-Folded American Flags - a symbol of patriotism and honor presented with precision and respect. Each flag comes meticulously folded, embodying the traditional and ceremonial technique, making it a convenient and dignified choice for those seeking an effortlessly elegant display of national pride.

Our pre folded flags are 100% made in the USA! Our G-Spec Government Spec American Flags are 100% cotton made to strict Government Specifications and suitable for indoor use only. Flags come pre folded !!! Pre-Folded American Flags, Folded American flag. Pre-folded by hand in North Carolina for your tribute or special occasion. Our Pre-folded Flags Are folded by Veterans !!!! Available in two sizes: 5' x 9 1/2' standard size for military burial flags (approximate folded bottom edge dimension 22"-24"). 3' x 5' presentation flags (approximate folded bottom edge dimension 13"-15"). Made in America.

Key Features:

  • Ceremonial Precision: Our Pre-Folded American Flags arrive in a meticulously folded state, adhering to the time-honored ceremonial folding technique. This method ensures a dignified presentation, echoing the solemnity of special occasions, patriotic events, and ceremonies.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality materials, these flags exemplify durability and resilience. The fabric is designed to withstand the elements, preserving the vibrant colors and intricate details that define the American flag.
  • Effortless Unfurling: Skip the complexities of folding and unfolding – our Pre-Folded American Flags are ready for display with a simple unfurling. This feature is particularly valuable for those who seek a hassle-free way to showcase their love for the United States.
  • Versatile Display: Whether adorning a home, office, or public space, these flags offer versatility in display options. Perfect for patriotic events, memorials, or as a heartfelt gift, the Pre-Folded American Flags make a striking impression wherever they are showcased.
  • Standard Size: Complying with the standard size of the American flag, these pre-folded versions maintain the appropriate dimensions, ensuring they align with traditional flag sizes commonly used for various displays.
  • Symbol of Pride: Elevate your patriotic expression with a Pre-Folded American Flag. This symbol of pride and unity is not only a testament to your love for the country but also an embodiment of the values that define the United States.
  • Convenient Storage: The pre-folded nature of these flags facilitates easy and convenient storage without compromising their pristine appearance. Unfold and refold as needed, preserving the flag's original presentation for repeated displays.

Made in USA Photo

Flag photo of states Orders for the Pre-Folded American Flags, Folded American Flag are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

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