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Photo Flag And Medal Display Case, Flag And Photo Frame

Introducing our Photo Flag and Medal Display Case — a uniquely designed showcase that combines the dignified presentation of your flag with a dedicated photo frame for a personalized touch. This meticulously crafted display case allows you to commemorate and display cherished memories alongside your flag and medals.

These flag display cases are a great way to honor a loved one who served in the Armed Forces. Being veterans ourselves, we love nothing more than to hear when these cases go to veterans and their families to honor their service. We take take take great pride in making them and will work with you to make it a great experience. United States veterans who know what it means to serve with honor make each Flag and Certificate Case with great care. Every case is handmade and the quality bears that out. We know what means to show honor to soldiers, whether still with us or passed on. You won’t find a better quality display case for you or your loved one’s special recognition. There’s no better way to show thanks for sacrificing for our beloved country. The Flag and photo Case - Black Frame have a Museum quality Plexiglas that cover all the front part ( in addition to the museum quality Plexiglas that cover the certificate) in order to protect your flag and certificated and or medallions.

Our Flag and Certificate Case is specially designed to proudly display either a folded 3 x 5 American flag or a 5 x 9.5 American flag (burial flag).

Dimensions: if you have the 3x5 flag the case will be : 26 1/8 x 20 3/4" x 1 9/16

Key Features:

  • Dual Display Design: This display case is specially crafted to hold a standard-sized flag alongside a dedicated photo frame. The dual display configuration allows you to showcase both your patriotic spirit and cherished memories in one elegant presentation.
  • Premium Quality Construction: Crafted with precision and care, the display case features high-quality materials, including a sturdy frame for durability. The attention to detail ensures that your flag, medals, and photo are presented with the respect they deserve.
  • Flag Display Section: The case includes a section to securely hold and showcase a standard-sized flag, preserving its symbolic significance. The transparent acrylic front panel protects the flag from dust and environmental elements while providing a clear view.
  • Photo Frame: Adjacent to the flag display, the photo frame allows you to personalize the showcase with a meaningful photograph. This feature adds a heartfelt and customized touch, turning the display into a tribute to both service and personal moments.
  • Medal Display: The display case also includes a dedicated section to showcase medals, allowing you to proudly exhibit your achievements and honors alongside the flag and photo.
  • Clear Viewing Panels: Transparent acrylic panels ensure a clear and unobstructed view of both the flag and the photo, allowing you to appreciate the details without compromising the integrity of the displayed items.
  • Easy Access and Assembly: The hinged design facilitates easy access to the interior, making it simple to insert or adjust the flag, photo, and medals as needed. The display case comes with all necessary mounting hardware and clear instructions for straightforward assembly.
  • Versatile Placement Options: Whether in your home, office, or any space you choose, the Photo Flag and Medal Display Case seamlessly integrates into various settings, becoming a centerpiece that celebrates both service and personal memories.
  • Dimensions: Carefully measured to accommodate standard-sized flags and photos, the dimensions of the display case are optimized for an aesthetically pleasing and balanced presentation.

Made in USA Photo

Flag photo of states Orders for the Photo Flag And Medal Display Case, Flag And Photo Frame are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

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