Product | Military Medal Case, Shadow Box Photo Holder, Military Medal


Military Medal Case, Shadow Box Photo Holder, Military Medal

Introducing our Military Medal Case and Shadow Box Photo Holder – an exceptional tribute to the bravery and valor of our military heroes. This meticulously crafted display case serves as a dignified showcase for military medals and offers a unique feature with a photo holder, allowing you to capture the essence of cherished memories alongside the symbols of service.

Great as display case, Military display case, Veteran Display Case, Police Display Case, Memorial Display case, Navy Display Case, Army Display Case, Photo and Medallion Case. This Military Case comes with a Shadow Box that stores and displays precious medals and memorabilia. with 1.5" Deep. Beautiful, wooden Display Frame to showcase your proudly earned medals and distinctions. This Display Frame can also hold pictures of your loved one wearing his/her military uniform. This Display Frame comes in a variety of wood and will be an heirloom that will be cherished throughout the generations. This custom-made Display Case can be personalized with your soldier's name. It comes with a wide choice of background colors. Give the gift that will be sure to please your family and highlight the proud service that your loved one has done to protect our country.

Size : 26” (H) x 21” ( W) x 1.5” (D).

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality Construction: Crafted with the utmost precision, our Military Medal Case is built from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability. The solid frame provides a secure enclosure for military medals, while the glass front cover protects them from dust and damage.
  • Shadow Box Design: The shadow box design allows for a three-dimensional display of military medals, creating a visually stunning showcase. The depth of the case adds a layer of sophistication, emphasizing the significance of the medals within.
  • Integrated Photo Holder: Uniquely designed to include a photo holder, this case allows you to seamlessly combine cherished photographs with military medals. Create a poignant and personalized tribute by showcasing both the symbols of service and the faces behind the accomplishments.
  • Customizable Layout: The interior of the display case is designed with versatility in mind. Adjustable shelves and backboards provide flexibility for arranging medals and photos in a way that suits your preferences, ensuring a personalized and visually striking display.
  • Wall Mounting Option: Ready to take its place of honor, the display case comes with pre-installed hanging hardware for easy and secure wall mounting. Transform any space into a gallery of military valor with minimal effort.
  • Perfect Gift for Service Members and Veterans: Our Military Medal Case with a Shadow Box Photo Holder makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for active-duty service members, veterans, or their families. Commemorate achievements, promotions, or retirements with a display that honors both service and personal memories.
  • Versatile Memorabilia Display: Beyond medals and photos, this case is suitable for showcasing various military memorabilia, such as patches, badges, or rank insignia. Its versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for displaying the complete story of a military journey.

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