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Air Force Flag And Medal Display Box - Shadow Box

Introducing our Air Force Flag and Medal Display Box, a meticulously crafted Shadow Box designed to honor the service and sacrifices of Air Force personnel. This premium display case seamlessly combines elegance and functionality, providing a distinguished showcase for the Air Force flag and cherished medals earned in the line of duty.

Create a perfect display for your 3 x 5 flag and accompanying certificate or medals. The Air Force Flag and medal display box - Shadow Box is Ideal for storage of flags flown over the Capitol along with certificates. A Predicate mat is included to fit a standard 8 ½ x 11 certificate. Simply remove the mat to configure it as a shadowbox for awards, medals, photos, etc. Comes with both blue and black backgrounds and material and instructions for easy mounting of your items. Glass front with turn button closures on the back of both the display and flag case compartments. The Air force Flag and medal display box- Shadow Box is designed to be hung on the wall but can be placed on a shelf. Overall size 21 inches tall X 17 inches wide and 3.5 Inches deep.

Dimensions: 13.75” X 6.75” X 2.38”.

Key Features:

  • Purposeful Design: The Air Force Flag and Medal Display Box is ingeniously designed to accommodate both the Air Force flag and military medals, creating a comprehensive and visually striking tribute.
  • Shadow Box Aesthetics: The shadow box design adds depth and dimension to the display, creating a captivating backdrop for the Air Force flag and medals. This unique presentation enhances the overall visual impact, making it a focal point of honor and remembrance.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, including solid wood and glass, this display box ensures the longevity and protection of the cherished items within. The frame is sturdy yet refined, complementing the significance of the displayed items.
  • Customizable Layout: The interior layout is customizable to accommodate various medal configurations. Whether showcasing a single medal or a collection, the display box offers flexibility to suit individual preferences.
  • Easy Access and Maintenance: The hinged front panel allows for easy access to arrange, rearrange, or clean the contents without compromising the integrity of the display. This ensures that the Air Force flag and medals can be well-preserved and maintained with minimal effort.
  • Secure Mounting Options: The display box includes secure mounting options for easy installation on walls. This versatility allows for placement in homes, offices, or military spaces, serving as a poignant reminder of the dedication and valor of Air Force personnel.
  • Personalized Engravings: Elevate the display with personalized engravings on nameplates or plaques. Celebrate the achievements and contributions of Air Force members by adding custom details, creating a truly unique and heartfelt tribute.
  • Dimensions: Carefully designed to accommodate standard Air Force flags and medals, the display box provides a perfectly proportioned space for a respectful and impactful presentation.

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Flag photo of states Orders for the Air Force Flag And Medal Display Box - Shadow Box are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.

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