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Manufactured by Northeast Fireshield which is the exclusive ICC-ES Recognized Applicator of
-- Inspecta-Shield Plus™ Fire Retardant --
The Only Spray On Fire Retardant Recognized by the ICC-ES Evaluation Service for Dimensional Lumber and Plywood.

We are the world-wide and the exclusive distributor of Inspecta-Shield Plus™ in the New York Metro area --- we provide certified applicators as recognized by ICC-ES throughout the East Coast and in select major metro areas nationwide and worldwide. Certification by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), New York City Fire Department Certificate of Acceptance, New York City Department of Building MEA, and the Office of the California State Fire Marshal…plus others.

Certified Applicators Program

Certified Applicators ProgramRequirements:

  • A person or persons applying Inspecta-Shield Plus™ at their location on products they treat for sale.
  • The designated person or persons must attend a Training Seminar at our facility for the purpose of becoming knowledgeable with Inspecta-Shield Plus™ Fire Retardant product. This shall include the proper use and application of the product.
  • The seminar consists of approximately 8 hours of classroom and review of printed material.
  • Participants will then be given a written test (1 Hr. Q & A. multiple choice) at the conclusion of the course. Participant must score 100% to be Certified. Instruction will continue until the person or persons pass the test.
  • For those who successfully pass this course, they will be issued a license by Northeast Fireshield Inc., good for a period of one year to apply Inspecta-Shield Plus™ as a Certified Applicator.
  • Inspecta-Shield Plus™ has all the necessary approvals for Applications as required by the Department of Buildings, City of New York as well all other Municipalities throughout the United States. This also includes the approval of the New York City Department of Fire Prevention for the storage of Inspecta-Shield Plus™ product.
  • Persons who successfully complete this course will be required to secure a Certificate of Fitness from the New York City Fire Department. This is an on-going test that is given by the Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau to evaluate their knowledge of Fire Retardants, Codes and the competency of the individual who wish to qualify as a Certified Applicator. This requirement pertains only to Certified Applications done within the confines of New York City.
  • A Certified Applicator, after application of Inspecta-Shield Plus™, is authorized to submit to Northeast Fireshield applications forms for a Certificate of Flameproofing on the items treated. After a review of the paper work and if all the requirements have been met, Northeast Fireshield will issue a Certificate of Flameproofing which is required by Fire Marshals stating proper Fire Code Compliance.

    For additional information on Certified Applicators Program contact Northeast Fireshield Inc..

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