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Manufactured by Northeast Fireshield which is the exclusive ICC-ES Recognized Applicator of
-- Inspecta-Shield Plus™ Fire Retardant --
The Only Spray On Fire Retardant Recognized by the ICC-ES Evaluation Service for Dimensional Lumber and Plywood.

Breaking News - January 2007 -
Northeast Fireshield is the only manufacturer of Inspecta-Shield Plus™ that is recognized by ICC Evaluation Service with ESR #2019 for dimensional lumber and plywood. The approval indicates the product "meets accepted criteria" and makes Inspecta-Shield Plus™ the only Class "A" certified spray-on fire retardant product with this specified type application process in the country.

Inspecta-Shield Plus™ Accreditations ICC-ES ESR-2019

AccreditationsInspecta-Shield Plus™ has been classified as a Class "A" and "B" fire retardant by the following agencies:

  • Underwriters Laboratory
  • New York City Material Equipment Acceptance #'s 314-86-M, 311-90-M Pre 1969, 311-90-M Vol. II (25), 311-90-M Vol. III (25)
  • N.Y. City Fire Department Certificate of Acceptance #4798
  • State of California Listing Service
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • City of Pittsburgh
  • City of Boston
In addition to the above, Inspecta-Shield Plus™ has over 1,000 additional approvals!

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