Since 1983, Babylon Village Meat Market has earned a reputation for excellence. By changing with the times and upgrading, we have maintained personal and reliable service, while keeping in tradition of a hometown, family owned and operated business. Lenny and Barbara strive to give outstanding services and the best possible product at all times.
Babylon Village
Meat Market, inc.
85 Deer Park Av.
Babylon Village, NY 11702

Fax:   631-669-1068

Babylon Village Meat Market dry ages all of its fresh USDA Prime meat to perfection by holding it in coolers at a temperature of 34-38 degrees F. We age beef for about 3-5 weeks. The marble of the meat adds flavor, while dry aging adds tenderness.

There are two types of aging: Dry aging and wet aging. Dry aging is the choice of the discriminating chef. Dry-aged meat is increasingly difficult to find because the process is expensive and takes time. When dry aging, the meats natural enzymes act as a tenderizer, breaking down the connective tissue that holds the muscles. At the same time, the evaporation of moisture improves texture. Dry aging continues until a thin coating develops on the meat surface, which seals in flavor and juices. Loss of weight results from the evaporation of moisture and from trimming off the outer coating, and both of these processes add to the cost of dry aging meat.
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